Student Ensembles

The youth orchestra was established in 1995, and is composed of 22 performers of wooden string and wind instruments.This is not just another student orchestra that plays Haydn symphonies, but one whose uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only orchestra operating within the ultra-orthodox community, for whom the world of classical music was until now was locked. Our orchestras serve religious communities throughout Israel, traveling to Kiryat Sefer, Bnei Brak, and Netanya. Within the last few years, in addition to performing in the cultural periphery, the orchestra began reaching those in the geographical periphery as well (such as the communities of Nitivot) and additional concerts are planned. The orchestra’s concerts draw large crowds, and the halls are packed at every performance.

Income from ticket sales usually does not cover the cost of the performances, partially because of the addition of outside professional musicians, such as brass or timpani players, which are not part of the orchestra, and which are required by many of the compositions*)


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Salaries: professional staff including musicians

72,000 NIS

Independent contractors

40,000 NIS

Administrative costs

10,000 NIS


122,000 NIS

*) see the description of Zmora, The Women’s Orchestra

Constant varied musical activity ensures that our students gain exposure to a wide variety of musical stimuli, as well as a chance to perform. All events are for women only and according to orthodox guidelines.

Conservatory students participate in various concerts throughout the year both within the conservatory (classroom concerts, departmental recitals) and in concerts open to the public (all female audiences).
All departments hold concerts during the school year for students of all age groups and all levels. All students have the opportunity to systematically study music in groups, as part of well organized chamber and orchestral ensembles, which meet for the length of the school year in rehearsals and unique musical events.


The piano department present a concert series centered around a different theme each year and a festive concert marathon with many performers, to seal the year’s events.


The strings department holds two annual concerts: a marathon for students of all ages and levels, and a concert of gifted students.


The two student orchestras (the Youth Orchestra conducted by Ruth Altit [grades 4-7] and the CameRon Orchestra [grades 8-12]) each hold at least one public concert in which students studying various various instruments can participate.

Ensembles – Every year there is a festive concert for ensembles only, composed of various instruments.

We also have a wind instrument orchestra, string orchestra, choir and Klezmer quartet.

 Updates regarding upcoming concerts can be found here

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