The CameRon youth orchestra was established in 1995, and is composed of 26 performers of wooden string and wind instruments (20 advanced students and 6 professional musicians, many of whom are recent immigrants from North America and the Former Soviet Union).This is not just another student orchestra that plays Haydn symphonies, but one whose uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only orchestra operating within the ultra orthodox community, for whom the world of classical  music was until now was locked. Within the last few years, in addition to performing in the cultural periphery, the orchestra began reaching those in the geographical periphery as well (the communities of Nitivot, Kiryat Sefer, Bnei Brak, Netanya) and additional concerts are planned. The orchestra’s concerts draw large crowds, and the halls are packed at every performance.


In the orchestra’s repertoire are symphonies and chamber pieces ranging from baroque to contemporary. As part of the conservatory’s “Renaissance of Jewish Music Project”, a composition was commissioned for the orchestra and the “Bnot Yerushalayim” Choir: “7 voices”. The composition is based on a tune of Rabbi Levi Itzchak from Berdichev, and it is a product of the Israeli composer and conductor, Israel Adelson. The connection to Jewish music can also be seen in the compositions of Jewish composers, such as Ernest Bloch and Andre Hajdu. The Jewish direction is opening and expanding, its continuation dependent upon the funds available to the orchestra.

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