Performance Groups and Concerts

Our Orchestras

​Zmora All-Women’s String Orchestra

The Zmora Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Rina Schaeffer, is composed of 23 professional women musicians, most of whom are recent immigrants from France, the US and the Former Soviet Union. The orchestra performs both Jewish and classical music, as well as a number of specially commissioned pieces, and has released 3 CD recordings of their unique repertoire.

Zmora is the only orchestra operating within the ultra orthodox community. In addition to performing in the cultural periphery, the orchestra reaches the geographical periphery as well (the communities of Nitivot, Kiryat Sefer, Bnei Brak, Netanya) and the halls are packed at every performance.

Zmora’s repertoire includes symphonies and chamber pieces ranging from baroque to contemporary. As part of the conservatory’s “Renaissance of Jewish Music” project a composition was commissioned from Israeli composer and conductor, Israel Adelson for the orchestra and the “Bnot Yerushalayim” Choir. The composition, “7 voices”, is based on a tune by Rabbi Levi Itzchak from Berdichev.

CameRon Student Orchestra

The Cameron Chamber Orchestra, founded in 1995, presents concerts with a Jewish and classical repertoire in Jerusalem and throughout the country. It boasts 20 advanced students and 6 professional musicians, many of whom are recent immigrants from North America and the Former Soviet Union.

AccordiRon Orchestra

The Accordi-Ron Orchestra, directed by Devorah Tiroler, boasts 25 advanced accordion students and graduates of Ron-Shulamit. Since 1991 it has delighted audiences with medleys of folk, light classical, and Jewish music – a true breath of fresh air in the age of electronic music. In 2003, Accordi-Ron, in cooperation with the Renaissance of Traditional Jewish Music and the support of the Israel Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, recorded “Shulamit Rhythms“. This CD, available at the Ron-Shulamit office, features a variety of long-forgotten traditional Jewish tunes, some in modern arrangement by I. Edelson.

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