Support Us

Dear friends,

For the first time since its inception 26 years ago, the Conservatory in Har Nof revised and updated its marketing and presentation, under the guidance of some of the best professionals in their field. We increased the number of scholarships to students, established a number of unique musical projects, including a project to promote gifted students, with lessons from the best teachers in the country and the establishment of varied ensembles. We overhauled our caravans which were badly damaged by the snow. With your help, we recorded and preserved forgotten musical works as part of our Renaissance of Jewish Music Project, and brought professional music concerts to communities that had never experienced such cultural enrichment before.
As music lovers, we must ensure that the future generation of musicians has a place to learn and grow. To continue the momentum of our important work, I turn to you to renew your contribution to our institution, whether in funds or in deeds, as well as to bring your friends to join us.

This melody must not stop.

Shira Barzily, president of the Friends Committee

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