Department of Classical and Modern Dance (ballet):
Ron Shulamit’s dance department has a 25 year legacy, and is renown for its professionalism. The best teachers teaching classical dance today in the ultra orthodox community are graduates of Ron Shulamit. Dance classes are held in a fully equipped studio. The teachers and students are committed to modest outfits and Jewish etiquette. At the end of each academic year we put on a spectacular show, attended by all the students of the department, including the youngest. Our most advanced students receive master classes from the leading teachers in the country, and are invited to perform in our performances for women. The department has a wardrobe with hundreds of costumes.

Course options include:

·      Beginner Ballet
Ages 6-8. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training.
·      Intermediate and Advanced Ballet
Ages 8-18. One-two classes a week. Point classes at both levels.
·      ​​​Adult Ballet & Jazz (Beg. and Int.)
Age 14 and up.
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