BA Program

B.Ed in Music Education

Ron-Shulamit, in cooperation with the Levinsky Teachers’ College in Tel Aviv, offers a three-year course of study for young orthodox women, which awards a B.Ed. degree, recognized by the Israeli Institute of Higher Education and the Thomas Edison College in the US. This is the only program in Israel to offer a university degree in a setting appropriate for ultra-orthodox women and it differs from the other programs for religious women which only award a teaching certificate. The Ron Shulamit-Levinsky College program trains musicians in specific musical instruments, as well as providing them with a background in music theory, music history, conducting, improvisation, and choir. Our program provides these women with a higher education, a marketable career, and economic independence. It also contributes to the cultural life of the community, via free concerts in senior centers and free explained concerts in elementary schools. The contribution goes even further, as graduates go on to open music programs where none existed, in the geographic and cultural periphery. As such, students are given the tools to become agents of social change, enriching people’s lives in many communities.

For students who do not have a bagrut, we offer a combined bagrut/BA program.

The BA is granted by Levinsky College but all coursework takes place t the Conservatory.

Prerequisites: To enroll in the Levinsky B.Ed program you must already have a teacher’s certificate and completed Bagrut. You will be tested as to your level of music proficiency in a particular instrument as well as your knowledge of music theory. If you need to complete your music theory studies, we offer a mechina.

You must choose to major in teaching a particular instrument or in music for special education settings.

Our program offers a recording studio (playback).

For students who don’t have a teacher’s certificate or Bagrut, you can enroll in our program in conjunction with the Shvilay Seminar, a 4 year program in which the first 2 years you will study at Shvilei to obtain your teacher’s certificate and Bagrut, and the last 2 years will be at Ron Shulamit to obtain your BA.


The tuition is that of Levinsky, and includes individual lessons in a main and secondary instrument once a week, with advanced teachers.

Scholarships are available. For information call 02-652-4613


You will be studying 2-3 full days a week (depending on the year). See here for the course list.

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