About Us

Mission: Excellence.

In recent years classical music appreciation and interest has increased significantly in the Haredi community, but there is a lack of professional musicians from the community, to meet this interest (to teach at schools, to give private lessons, to perform in orchestras etc.). For this reason, our goal is to nurture the coming generation of top musicians for this population. We will not settle for students who simply complete their studies knowing how to play an instrument, but rather our goal is to develop professional musicians of the highest caliber, whether accredited teachers or performance musicians that any school or orchestra would be proud to have. In short, we are building a world of music. Our motto is “Music – Everyone deserves it!” and one of our goals is the advancement of music and dance in Jerusalem, for all residents. We offer intro to music classes for young children, ballet, a wide variety of instruments, as well as music history and theory. We host the only all-female professional string orchestra, a chamber orchestra, a youth orchestra, a wide variety of ensembles, choral groups, and an accordion orchestra for the preservation of traditional music. Recordings are researched and prepared to preserve music from Jewish communities around the globe as part of our Renaissance of Traditional Jewish Music program.  Free community concerts are held on a regular basis in addition to performances in nursing homes and schools, as part of the goal of enriching the cultural life of Jerusalem residents. Finally, the Conservatory serves as a place of employment for many immigrant musicians (Olim), thereby aiding in the absorption process.

Today our conservatory has 2 branches in Jerusalem (one in Bet Hakerem which is co-ed and one on Har Nof for religious girls). Over 400 students study music and dance at our conservatory and many go on to win national competitions. Our graduates find work in the field as teachers or performers.

Studies are open to girls and women, and boys up to age 9 (except for wind instruments which are open only to women and girls). Music Therapy and Mainstreaming  is offered for children of both genders up to age 21, with behavior/developmental/learning/speech/emotional difficulties.
Constant varied musical activity ensures that our students gain exposure to a wide variety of musical stimuli, as well as a chance to perform. All events are for women only and according to orthodox guidelines.
Conservatory students participate in various concerts throughout the year both within the conservatory (classroom concerts, departmental recitals) and in concerts open to the public (all female audiences).
All departments hold concerts during the school year for students of all age groups and all levels. All students have the opportunity to systematically study music in groups, as part of well organized chamber and orchestral ensembles, which meet for the length of the school year in rehearsals and unique musical events.

Scholarships for Excellence:
A yearly scholarship competition takes place honoring the late Shulamit Feingold, for conservatory students struggling to pay tuition.
Our students also participate in the Keren Sharet [America-Israel] Competition and the Keren Varon Competition for String Instruments
We also offer the only all-female education, for women
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