String Instruments

The Stringed Instrument Department:

This department includes violin, viola, cello and double bass, as well as plucked string instruments such as guitar and mandolin. The repertoire includes music from all periods and styles – from Baroque to contemporary.

The optimal age to start learning a musical instrument ranges from 6 to 9, except for double bass studies which are recommended for a later age. Courses of study are personally tailored according to the ability and interest of each student. Students who seek the general education component of playing a musical instrument will receive professional guidance to enhance their technical and musical development. Students with professional potential will enjoy intense instruction, allowing for high performing progress and preparation towards a final conservatory recital, participation in the America – Israel Foundation competition and acceptance exams for undergraduate and graduate program. String instrument students enjoy professional piano accompaniment throughout the year. Outstanding violin students are eligible to study viola for playing in musical ensembles.
Since the strings are the basis for orchestras and chamber ensembles, studying these instruments helps in the development of listening skills and cooperation. Therefore, in addition to focusing on musical development, thinking, coordination, physical and mental control, articulation and expansion of education in string playing, we address also the more social element of playing together on a regular basis and in multiple events such as meetings and concerts. The string ensembles and orchestras play together according to age groups: with a youth or adult orchestra. These groups perform at Conservatory concerts and chamber meetings. The string orchestra is an integral part of the school’s department.
Activities and concerts:
Concerts – during the school year we hold two departmental concerts: a marathon for students of all ages and levels, and a concert of gifted students.
Orchestras – the Conservatory maintains two orchestras: a Youth Orchestra conducted by Ruth Altit (grades 4-7) and the CameRon Orchestra (grades 8-12). The orchestras have weekly two hour rehearsals and hold at least one public concert.
Ensembles – excellent students benefit from an hour weekly where they receive expert guidance from established ensembles and work together with students of other instruments. As part of this they appear in concerts at the conservatory and in concert halls. Every year there is a festive concert for ensembles only.

Exams/evaluations are held twice a year before each class’s teachers. After playing a prepared piece, each student receives feedback and guidance from the teachers of the department.
A Concerto Competition is held annually. One or Two Competition winners perform as soloists with the Conservatory orchestra at the end of year concert.
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